End Time Restorations


.                                                                  MOSSEL BAY
                                 A PLACE OF ‘FIRSTS’
                        A PLACE WITH AN OPEN HEAVEN 


Mossel Bay is known as the “Karoo at the sea”, a unique harbour village with a remarkable climate (together with Hawai the most moderate climate in the world – Guinness Book of Records).

Situated on the slopes of the Outeniqua Mountains, it is a place where several “first” things occurred at this most southern point of Africa. The first shedding of blood between European and Indigenous people took place in this beautiful spot in 1488 when the Portuguese traveler Bartholomeu Diaz stopped over in the port of Mossel Bay to collect water from the coast. It was during this exercise that they had an encounter with the Khoikhoi, the first people’s on the southern tip of Africa. The Khoikhoi viewed their water sources to be holy places and as the ‘visitors’ did not follow protocol by asking permission for water the indigenous Khoi-Khoi protected their sacred site by hurling stones at the white intruders. Diaz drew his cross bow and killed one of the Khoi men. Thus Mossel Bay became the first place where recorded blood shed took place between Indigenous and European people. The spiritual implication of the latter is that it was here in Mossel Bay where a door of ethnic violence at the southern tip was opened to the continent of Africa.

 Mossel Bay is also known to be a ‘communication first’ in Southern Africa. Da Nova, a Portuguese sea fearer, discovered a letter from a fellow sailor that his life was in danger. He read the note of warning which was placed in a shoe in a Milkwood tree on the shore. Upon receiving this life saving warning, he erected a chapel in gratitude and honor of God - thus Mossel Bay also became the first place of Christian worship in Southern-Africa. The first recorded commercial trading also took place here between Indigenous people, the Khoikhoi, and the Portuguese.

 It is from this same small countryside town by the sea, where we have seen spiritual breakthroughs affecting the nation of South-Africa. In 2006 we had a reconciliation meeting in the Diaz museum on governmental level to turn back the spiritual implications of the first blood shed event that took place here centuries ago. Together with our Mayor, Marie Ferreira, we created a platform of repentance towards the Coloured people of our country, the descendants of the Khoikhoi. We were forgiven in the original Khoi language by one of the Khoikhoi Chiefs and the cry of innocent blood in this Southern gate of the continent was silenced.

 The above was the result of the continuous prayers of a small group of intercessors who faithfully prayed since 2003 for this event to come to pass. Their labor was rewarded and the spiritual atmosphere of Mossel Bay changed. Since then, a few remarkable things have happened. Our town was elected the most sought-after holiday town in the Western Cape and also nominated the 4th best administrative municipality in the country.  Prophetic voices have also prophesied for decades that Mossel Bay as a place of ‘first’s’ will see a spiritual revival. It has been prophesied that a fire will start to burn out of the southern point of Africa to spread up into the rest of Africa. We are waiting for this to happen and believe that this is the season!

 During 2006 we built altars portraying the Ten Commandments in three languages in our main Park, the Harry Giddey Park. The spiritual city gates of Mossel Bay are situated in this park. We also erected various scripture altars, engraved in marble, in the gardens of the park. We now have the Word of God speaking and proclaiming life over the inhabitants of the town.  The City Counsel, with the support of our Mayor, invested a lot of money into this project to show they care for the spiritual needs of the people. In the park we have an amphitheater that seats 300 people and it is used for Gospel Praise and Worship Concerts and Christian events. A dream of the Mayor, still to be realized, is the building of a Prayer Chapel in the park.  Our aim is that this Park, in the centre of the town, will be a place of worship and reverence for God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Mossel Bay must progress on this road of revival and blessing. Our aim is to witness the redemption of the continent of Africa and the prayers of all God’s children in the nations are needed for this purpose.  Mossel Bay has been openly and publicly dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ by the Mayor, Marie Ferreira, and many people experience an open heaven over our town. This is a place were God’s voice can be heard, and we encourage believers from overseas to come and visit – to come and help build  a 24/7 Prayer  Altar for Africa.

 It is Africa’s time – but for Africa to enter into her glorious end-time destiny she needs to be delivered from her ancient witchcraft roots. The day and night continuous prayers of the saints from the nations here in Mossel Bay will be a powerful instrument in this process.

 Come and join us in this vision. Turn your next vacation into a ‘prayer-holiday’! This town with its spacious and clean beaches is the ideal holiday destination. We are calling Intercessors to come and experience a time of refreshing and most importantly, a time of personal spiritual awakening.

 We have had great testimonies in our nation of the power and impact of 24/7 Prayer Altars. Orange Farm in the Gauteng Province, is a poverty and crime ridden township where children started a prayer circle and within 3 months the crime rate had dropped to nil in certain areas.

 We are calling intercessors to participate in this end-time prayer move from Mossel Bay. This is your chance to be a blessing to Africa. Our city gates, the Harry Giddey Park, has become a place of worship and prayer. Come and join us!

 “For the earnest expectation of the creation waiteth for the revealing of the sons of God.” (Rom 8:19)

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